Wide-gap semiconductor InGaN and InGaAln grown by MOVPE

T. Matsuoka, N. Yoshimoto, T. Sasaki, A. Katsui

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We have achieved InGaN growth on sapphire substrates at temperatures substantially higher than conventional growth temperatures for InGaN. When the growth temperature was changed from 500 (conventional) to 800° C (this work) in InGaN, the x-ray diffraction line width (full width at half maximum) decreased from 100 to 30 min. At 77 K, edge emission was observed in PL. In order to further improve crystalline quality, we have investigated ZnO as a lattice-matching substrate. First, the surface treatment and the resistance to the reducing atmosphere at high temperatures was briefly investigated. We report the first successful lattice-matched growth of InGaN. The x-ray diffraction line width of InGaN grown on ZnO was about 20% smaller than that of films grown on sapphire substrates, thus using lattice-matched substrates was shown to have an effect on improving the crystalline quality of InGaN. Single crystal InGaAlN has been also realized on sapphire substrates. The indium, gallium and aluminum contents were 2.2, 22.5 and 74.3%, respectively. The optical transmission characteristic of this InGaAlN was measured.

ジャーナルJournal of Electronic Materials
出版ステータスPublished - 1992 2月 1

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