Wetting behavior between fayalite-type slags and solid magnesia

Hiroyuki Fukuyama, Jeffrey R. Donald, James M. Toguri

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The wetting behavior of single-crystalline magnesia (MgO) by fayalite-type slag melts has been studied by the sessile-drop technique, which incorporates high-temperature X-ray radiography. The experiments have been performed under oxygen partial pressures of 10 -6 and 10 -4 Pa at a temperature of 1473 K. The mass ratios of iron to silica, Fe/SiO 2, in the slag that has been used are 1.44 and 2.05. Infiltration behavior of a fayalite-type slag into MgO are discussed, based on the experimental results that involve wettability and surface tension. Two phases - magnesiowüstite and olivine - are observed at the interface. Interdiffusivity in the magnesiowüstite solid solution has been determined as a function of the iron oxide content. To investigate the interfacial reaction, experiments that use high-density MgO crucibles also have been conducted. Phase relations between the magnesiowüstite and the olivine, and the rate of growth of the phases, are discussed.

ジャーナルJournal of the American Ceramic Society
出版ステータスPublished - 1997 9 1

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