Wave set-up measured in a river mouth

Hitoshi Tanaka, Debashis Puzari

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Various data collected at Sendai bay, Japan since June, 1988 are analyzed for wave set-up study and thus to obtain measured set-up at the Nanakita river mouth. The existing wave set-up theory was then extended for the river mouth by considering the effect of current. The resulting equation was solved numerically from deepwater towards the river mouth in collaboration with Goda's irregular wave breaking model. The predicted set-up so obtained shows fair agreement with the measured set-up. On the other hand, the set-up computed by Goda's model without considering the effect of current gives overestimated results.

ジャーナルNational Conference Publication - Institution of Engineers, Australia
93 pt 4
出版ステータスPublished - 1993 1 1
イベント11th Australasian Conference on Coastal and Ocean Engineering. Part 2 (of 2) - Townsville, Queensland, Australia
継続期間: 1993 8 231993 8 27

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