Use of cellulose nanofibers as a denture immersing solution

Wei Zou, Guang Hong, Yukiko Yamazaki, Kazuma Takase, Toru Ogawa, Jumpei Washio, Nobuhiro Takahashi, Keiichi Sasaki

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) solution on the mechanical and biological properties of denture base resins (DBR). Two types of CNFs obtained from bamboo (BB) and needle-leaved (NB) trees were used in this study. We prepared 18 different CNF solutions based on their fibrillation (A-low, B-middle, and C-high) and concentration (0.05, 0.10, and 0.20 wt%). A heat-polymerized acrylic resin was used as DBR. The contact angles for each specimen were measured after immersion. The flexural properties of the immersed specimens, and the biological properties of the CNF solutions were examined. Specimens immersed in CNF-NB-C-0.05 wt% solution presented with the lowest contact angles. Specimens in CNF-NB-C and CNF-BB-A groups showed higher flexural modulus values. No cytotoxic or antimicrobial effects were observed for the CNF solutions. This study suggest that CNF solution may improve the surface wettability of the DBR without affecting its flexural property.

ジャーナルDental materials journal
出版ステータスPublished - 2020

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