UASB start-up and treatment effect of landfill leachate with different concentrations

Zixü Liu, Liping Sun, Yuyou Li, Chunsheng Qiu, Yongqiang Zhu

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Treatment of 13 years old of municipal landfill leachate was investigated using UASB reactor which was inoculated with activited sludge as the seed material, 1~3 mm anaerobic granular sludge were obtained at volumetric loading rate of 20 g COD/(L·d) by keeping the influent COD concentration unchanged and a gradual reduction of the HRT. The final biogas production are 60~70 L/d with methane content of 50%~70%, COD removal rate remains about 90%, the MLSS of bottom of the sludge layer is 50 g/L. Comparing treatment efficiency with different concentrations of leachate, COD removal rate is only 10%, biogas production is only 500 mL/d when the influent is completely landfill leachate, indicating that most organic matters in the leachate are recalcitrant.

ジャーナルChinese Journal of Environmental Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 5 1

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