Three-dimensional P-wave velocity structure of the crust beneath Hainan Island and its adjacent regions, China

Zhi Xiong Li, Jian She Lei, Da Peng Zhao, Bateer Wu, Fan Luan Shen, Xue Lin Qiu

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Using over 3 500 first P arrival times recorded by nine digital seismic stations from Hainan Digital Seismic Network during 19992005, a 3-D P-wave velocity model of the crust under Hainan Island and adjacent regions has been determined. The results show that the pattern of velocity anomalies in the shallower upper crust is somewhat associated with the surface geological tectonics in the region. A relative low-velocity anomaly appears north of the Wangwu-Wenjiao fault zone and a relative high-velocity anomaly appears south of the Wangwu-Wenjiao fault zone, corresponding to the depressed areas in north Hainan Island, where many volcanoes are frequently active and geothermal values are relatively higher, and the uplifted and stable regions in central and south of the Hainan Island. In the middle and lower crust velocities are relatively lower in east Hainan than those in west Hainan, possibly suggesting the existence of the upwelling of hot materials from the mantle in east Hainan. The pattern of velocity anomalies also indicates that NW faults, i.e., the Puqian-Qinglan fault, may be shallower, while the E-W Wangwu-Wenjiao fault may be deeper, which perhaps extends down to Moho depth or deeper.

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