Theory for spin torque in Weyl semimetal with magnetic texture

Daichi Kurebayashi, Kentaro Nomura

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The spin-transfer torque is a fundamental physical quantity to operate the spintronics devices such as racetrack memory. We theoretically study the spin-transfer torque and analyze the dynamics of the magnetic domain walls in magnetic Weyl semimetals. Owing to the strong spin-orbit coupling in Weyl semimetals, the spin-transfer torque can be significantly enhanced, because of which they can provide a more efficient means of controlling magnetic textures. We derive the analytical expression of the spin-transfer torque and find that the velocity of the domain wall is one order of magnitude greater than that of conventional ferromagnetic metals. Furthermore, due to the suppression of longitudinal conductivity in the thin domain-wall configuration, the dissipation due to Joule heating for the spin-transfer torque becomes much smaller than that in bulk metallic ferromagnets. Consequently, the fast-control of the domain wall can be achieved with smaller dissipation from Joule heating in the Weyl semimetals as required for application to low-energy-consumption spintronics devices.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019 12月 1

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