The weak decay widths of Λ hypernuclei

H. Bhang, S. Ajimura, K. Aoki, A. Banu, T. Fukuda, O. Hashimoto, J. I. Hwang, S. Kameoka, B. H. Kang, E. Kim, J. H. Kim, T. Maruta, Y. Miura, Y. Miyake, T. Nagae, M. Nakamura, S. N. Nakamura, H. Noumi, S. Okada, Y. OkayasuH. Outa, H. Park, P. K. Saha, Y. Sato, M. Sekimoto, T. Takahashi, H. Tamura, K. Tanida, A. Toyoda, K. Tshoo, K. Tsukada, T. Watanabe, H. J. Yim

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We have measured both the mesonic and nonmesonic weak decay widths of Λ12C. For the mesonic decay, we have improved the accuracy of Γπ0 so that it reduced the error of Γnm from ≥10% to ≤5%. For the nonmesonic decay, we have solved the long standing Γnp puzzle by measuring the ratio 0.51 ± 0.14 in the exclusive measurement. At the same time we have measured the width of the 3-body nonmesonic decay Γ 2N = 0.27 ± 0.13 for the first time. Combining the accurate Γnp ratio and the first measured value Γ2N, we have finally obtained the Γn and Γp themselves taking account of the 3-body process. We have measured all the weak decay widths of Λ12C so that it provides the first complete set of widths for the investigation of ΔS = 1 baryon-baryon weak interaction.

ジャーナルJournal of the Korean Physical Society
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 8

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