Temperature dependence of Yb valence in the sub-surface of YbB12(001)

Kenta Hagiwara, Yusuke Takeno, Yoshiyuki Ohtsubo, Ryu Yukawa, Masaki Kobayashi, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira, Julien Rault, Patrick Le Fevre, Francois Bertran, Amina Taleb-Ibrahimi, Fumitoshi Iga, Shin Ichi Kimura

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The typical Kondo insulator, YbB12, is a candidate of topological Kondo insulators. To clarify the surface electronic structure of not only bulk but also surface by photoelectron measurements, we developed a method to obtain a clean surface of YbB12(001) by annealing at 1650 K in an ultra-high vacuum. By surface-sensitive photoelectron measurements, it was known that the surface consists of only B atoms without Yb. In the sub-surface region, Yb atoms exist and the temperature dependence of the valence agrees with those of previous HAXPES results. Here we report the cleaning method to obtain well-defined YbB12(001) surfaces and the temperature-dependent Yb valence obtained from Yb 3d core-level and valence photoelectron spectra.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 4 6
イベント18th International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, SCES 2016 - Hangzhou, China
継続期間: 2016 5 92016 5 13

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