Synthesis and enrichment of titanium subchlorides in molten salts

Osamu Takeda, Toru H. Okabe

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With the purpose of establishing a new (semi-)continuous/high-speed titanium production process based on the magnesiothermic reduction of titanium subchlorides (TiClx, x = 2, 3) referred to as the subhalide reduction process, a novel synthetic process for TiClx by using molten salts as the reaction medium was investigated. Titanium tetrachloride (TiCL), supplied by a peristaltic pump at the rate of 0.13-0.72 g/min, was reacted with the feed titanium sponge immersed in molten magnesium chloride (MgCl2) at 1273 K under an argon atmosphere. It was demonstrated that the efficiency of the formation of TiClx was drastically improved by using molten salts as the reaction medium as compared with that of the synthesis by employing the direct reaction of TiCl4 gas with solid titanium. Some results regarding the enrichment of TiClx in molten salts are also shown.

ホスト出版物のタイトルInnovations in Titanium Technology - TMS 2007 Annual Meeting and Exhibition
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 12 1
イベントInnovations in Titanium Technology - Orlando, FL, United States
継続期間: 2007 2 252007 4 1


名前TMS Annual Meeting


OtherInnovations in Titanium Technology
CountryUnited States
CityOrlando, FL

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