Surprising up-regulation of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (PSGL-1) in endotoxin-induced uveitis

Lama Almulki, Kousuke Noda, Reza Amini, Alexander Schering, Rebecca C. Garland, Shintaro Nakao, Toru Nakazawa, Toshio Hisatomi, Kennard L. Thomas, Sharmila Masli, Ali Hafezi-Moghadam

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P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (PSGL-1) is constitutively expressed on leukocytes and was thought to be down-regulated with cell activation. However, this work shows the surprising finding of functional PSGL-1 up-regulation during acute inflammation. PSGL-1 function was studied in our autoperfusion assay, in which blood from a mouse carotid flows through a microchamber coated with a fixed density of P-selectin. Under the inflammatory conditions-uveitis induced by systemic lipopolysaccharide injection-we recorded significantly reduced leukocyte rolling velocity, which suggests PSGL-1 up-regulation;however, flow cytometry showed reduced PSGL-1. When bound leukocytes were released from the vasculature by PSGL-1 blockade, a large peripheral blood leukocyte (PBL) population showed elevated PSGL-1' which could account for the reduced PSGL-1 in the remaining unbound population. In the eye, systemic blockade of PSGL-1 with a monoclonal antibody or recombinant soluble PSGL-1 drastically reduced the severe manifestations of uveitis. Furthermore, PSGL-1 blockade was significantly more effective in reducing retinal leukostasis than was P-selectin blockade. Our results provide surprising evidence for functional PSGL-1 up-regulation in PBLs during acute inflammation. The temporal overlap between PSGL-1 and P-selectin up-regulation reveals an as yet unrecognized collaboration between this receptor-ligand pair, increasing efficiency of the first steps of the leukocyte recruitment cascade.-Almulki, L., Noda, K., Amini, R., Schering, A., Garland, R. C., Nakao, S., Nakazawa, T., Hisatomi, T., Thomas, K. L., Masli, S., Hafezi-Moghadam, A. Surprising up-regulation of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (PSGL-1) in endotoxin-induced uveitis.

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