Surface structures and electrochemical stabilities for Pt/Pd(111) model electrocatalysts

N. Todoroki, Y. Bando, Y. Tani, S. Kaneko, H. Watanabe, T. Wadayama

研究成果: Conference contribution


We investigated surface structures and electrochemical stabilities for Pt/Pd(111) bimetallic surfaces fabricated using molecular beam epitaxy. The Pt/Pd(111) surfaces were prepared by depositing four monolayer (ML)-thick Pt onto Pd(111) at substrate temperatures of 300 °C. The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity of the pristine 4ML-Pt/Pd(111) surface was ca. 4.5 times higher than that of clean Pt(111). Electrochemical stabilities were evaluated by applying square-wave potential cycles (PCs) between 0.6 and x V (x = 0.8, 0.85, 0.9 and 1.0; xV-PCs) in O2-saturated 0.1 M HClO4 at 80 °C. Although the 0.9V-and 1.0V-PCs cause ORR deactivation, the pristine ORR activities remained nearly unchanged by the 0.8V-and 0.85V-PCs even after 5000 PCs. The results suggest that the electrochemical structural stability of Pt/Pd core-shell type catalysts depends on the cell voltages used under the practical operating conditions of polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

ホスト出版物のタイトルPolymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 16, PEFC 16
編集者D. J. Jones, H. Uchida, H. A. Gasteiger, K. Swider-Lyons, F. N. Buchi, P. N. Pintauro, B. S. Pivovar, K. E. Ayers, K. A. Perry, P. Shirvanian, A. Z. Weber, V. K. Ramani, P. Strasser, R. A. Mantz, K. Shinohara, S. Mitsushima, C. Coutanceau, J. M. Fenton, T. J. Schmidt, T. F. Fuller, S. R. Narayanan, Y. T. Kim, L. Zhuang, S. G. Sun
出版社Electrochemical Society Inc.
ISBN(電子版)9781607687313, 9781607687672, 9781607687689, 9781607687696, 9781607687702, 9781607687719, 9781607687726, 9781607687733, 9781607687740, 9781607687757, 9781607687771, 9781607687788, 9781607687795, 9781607687801, 9781607687818, 9781607687825, 9781607687832, 9781607687849, 9781607687856, 9781607687863, 9781607687887, 9781607687894, 9781607687900, 9781607687917, 9781607687924, 9781607687931, 9781607687948, 9781607687955, 9781607687962, 9781607687979, 9781607687986, 9781607687993, 9781607688006, 9781607688013, 9781607688020, 9781607688037
出版ステータスPublished - 2016
イベントSymposium on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 16, PEFC 2016 - PRiME 2016/230th ECS Meeting - Honolulu, United States
継続期間: 2016 10月 22016 10月 7


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OtherSymposium on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 16, PEFC 2016 - PRiME 2016/230th ECS Meeting
国/地域United States

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