Surface electromigration of metals on Si(001): In/Si(001)

S. Kono, T. Goto, Y. Ogura, T. Abukawa

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The possibility of surface electromigration (SE) of metals of In, Ga, Sb and Ag on a very flat Si(001)2×1 substrate (single domain 2×1) was examined by SEM, μ-RHEED and μ-AES under UHV conditions. It was found that Ga, Sb and Ag show no SE on Si(001) surface even at DC annealing temperatures for the desorption of these metals. For In on Si(001), a very fast SE (~8000μm/min) towards the cathode side was found that suddenly sets in at ~450°C DC annealing, which was related to a surface phase transition. μ-RHEED and μ-AES observation showed that the SE is related to an ordered 4×3-In phase together with two-dimensional In gas phase over the 4×3-In phase and an In-disordered phase at the front end of SE. Single domain 4×3-In phases were found to occur under sequences of In deposition and DC annealing which involve the In SE on Si(001).

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出版ステータスPublished - 1999 1 20

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