Superplasticity in Fe3Al based alloy

A. Shan, M. Chen, D. Lin, D. Li

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    This paper announced the superplasticity of a Fe3Al based alloy (Fe-28Al-2Ti in atomic percent) for the first time. This alloy exhibits superplasticity between 800 °C and 900 °C under strain rates from 4×10-3 to 4.8×10-4/s Its m value is about 0.30 to 0.42 and the maximum elongation may reach 332.8% at 850 °C under a strain rate of 1.0×10-3/s. Significantly, specimens for this test were prepared by traditional casting and hot rolling, the grain size is much bigger(>100 μm) than that people generally believed to be necessary for structural superplasticity. Changes of the microstructures before and after deformation were examined by OM and TEM. The reason for this superplasticity was ascribed to the dynamic recrystallization which takes place during superplastic deformation.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 1994 12月 1
    イベントProceedings of the 1994 International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM-94) - Moscow, Russia
    継続期間: 1994 5月 241994 5月 26

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