Subpicosecond dynamics of confined excitons in CuCl nanocrystals

T. Itoh, S. Yano, S. Iwai, K. Edamatsu, T. Goto, A. Ekimov

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We performed subpicosecond pump-and-probe measurements of CuCl nanocrystals at 77 K using a UV pump light of moderate intensity and high repetition rate and also a UV white probe light. For CuCl nanocrystals embedded in a glass matrix and in an NaCl matrix, we compare the temporal behavior of the non-linear change in the confined exciton absorption band induced by the existence of one exciton per nanocrystal. The decay time of the non-linear change is found to be much faster in the glass matrix than in NaCl, reflecting shortening of the exciton lifetime due to the photofatigue effect.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1996 10 30

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