Studies on combination of antibiotics (iv)

Seiichi Aonuma, Kikuo Onuma, Akira Watanabe, Masako Sasaki, Kotaro Oizumi, Kiyoshi Konno

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    In vitro combined activity of fosfomycin (FOM) and dibekacin (DKB) against clinical isolates of S. aureus, E.coli, K. pneumoniae, E. cloacae, S. marcescens and P. aeruginosa was investigated by use of Dynatech MIC 2000. Excellent combined activity of FOM and DKB was observed against gram-negative bacilli, although antagonism was evidenced against three strains (15%) of K. pneumoniae and one strain (5%) of E. cloacae. Combined activity of FOM and DKB against 5. aureus could be hardly determined, because MIC of DKB against fifteen strains (75%) of S. aureus was less than 0. 05 mg/ml. Therapeutic effects of FOM on respiratory tract infection in sixteen patients were evaluated. FOM alone was administered to five patients, FOM in combination with other antibiotics was administered to eleven patient. In the former group, clinical response was excellent in one, good in two, fair or poor in two patients. In the latter group, clinical response was excellent in two, good in six, fair in one, poor in two patients. No adverse symptom developed during administration of FOM. On the laboratory findings, elevation of serum transaminase in four, hypokalemia in one, elevation of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) in one, both hypokalemia and elevation of BUN in two patients were detected.

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