Strongly enhanced critical current density in MgB2/Fe tapes by stearic acid and stearate doping

Zhaoshun Gao, Yanwei Ma, Xianping Zhang, Dongliang Wang, Zhengguang Yu, Kazuo Watanabe, Huan Yang, Haihu Wen

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Fe-sheathed MgB2 tapes with cheap stearic acid, Mg stearate and Zn stearate doping were prepared through the in situ powder-in-tube method. It is found that Jc, Hirr and Hc2 were significantly enhanced by doping. Compared to the pure tapes, Jc for all the doped samples was improved by more than an order of magnitude in a high-field regime. At 4.2K, the transport Jc reached 2.02 × 104Acm-2 at 10T for the Zn stearate doped tapes and 3.72 × 103Acm-2 at 14T for the stearic acid doped samples, respectively. Moreover, at 20K, Hirr for the Zn stearate doped tape achieved 10T, which is comparable to that of the commercial NbTi at 4.2K. The improvement of Jc-H properties in doped samples can be attributed to the increase of Hc2 resulting from the incorporation of C atoms into the MgB2 crystal lattice as well as a high density of flux-pinning centres.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007 5 1

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