Stepped-frequency ground penetrating radar and its application for landmine detection

Guang You Fang, Motoyuki Sato

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A Stepped-Frequency Continuous-Wave Ground Penetrating Radar (SFCW-GPR) system with array Vivaldi antenna for landmine detection has been developed. In developing such GPR system, a new antipodal Vivaldi antenna has been designed and constructed. Different from the normal antipodal Vivaldi antenna usually used in microwave and mm engineering, the newly developed antenna with a parallel strip line as its feeding configuration possesses much better properties. An antenna array with ten antipodal Vivaldi antenna elements has been developed. In order to improve the detected landmine images, some advanced signal processing methods, such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technique and f-k migration method have been applied to highlight the landmine images. The effectiveness and validities of the above methods for processing GPR Anti-personnel (AP) landmine detection data are studied and compared with each other.

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