Spin correlation parameter Cyy of p+He3 elastic backward scattering

Y. Shimizu, K. Hatanaka, Y. Tameshige, T. Adachi, K. Fujita, H. Matsubara, H. Okamura, A. Tamii, A. P. Kobushkin, T. Kawabata, Y. Sasamoto, K. Suda, T. Uesaka, K. Itoh, Yasuhiro Sakemi, T. Wakui, M. Uchida, T. Kudoh, K. Sagara, T. WakasaH. P. Yoshida, Y. Shimbara, E. A. Strokovsky, S. Ishikawa, M. Tanifuji

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We measured the differential cross section and the spin correlation parameter Cyy of the p→+3He→ elastic backward scattering at 200, 300, and 400 MeV at θ=180° in the center-of-mass frame to study the mechanism of the reaction and to examine the validity of the He3 wave functions based on two different realistic two-body forces. This is the first measurement of the spin correlation parameter Cyy of the p→+3He→ EBS at intermediate energies. The experimental results were compared with few-body calculations, including three reaction mechanisms: two-nucleon-pair exchange, pion exchange, and direct pp scattering. It was found that few-body calculations describe the differential cross-section data reasonably well. The spin correlation parameter Cyy shows clear evidence for the two-nucleon-pair exchange processes in the reaction, demonstrating that the spin observables are helpful for deeper understanding of the reaction mechanism.

ジャーナルPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 10 8

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