Solubility of PbO in supercritical water

Chiaki Yokoyama, Atsushi Iwabuchi, Shinji Takahashi, Katsuhiko Takeuchi

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Supercritical water(SCF-H2O) has been extensively used as a solvent to obtain finely divided powders of both crystalline and amorphous particles in the process called rapid expansion of the supercritical fluid solutions(RESS). Solubility data of inorganic substances in SFC-H2O are needed for a design purpose of the RESS process. However, so far the solubility data of inorganic substances in SCF-H2O near the critical point of H2O are very scarce. The purpose of this study is to provide the solubility data of PbO in SCF-H2O with the use of an one-pass flow apparatus. In order to check an experimental procedure, we also measured the solubility of SiO2 in SCF-H2O and compared the present results and the literature ones. The present results were analyzed with the hydration reaction model proposed by Wendelant and Glemser. The values of the degree of polymerization and solvation of PbO were determined.

ジャーナルFluid Phase Equilibria
出版ステータスPublished - 1993 2

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