Soliton transmission control for ultra high speed system

Hirokazu Kubota, Masataka Nakazawa

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Soliton transmission control has already proved to be an outstanding technique and enable a soliton to be transmit over one million kilometers. This technique is not only applicable to vast distances but also to shorter distances where the amplifier spacing is greater than that of conventional systems. A combination of time and frequency domain control eliminates the noise accumulation and timing jitter caused by soliton interaction and the Gordon-Haus effect, that are the main impediments to extending the transmission distance. In this paper we describe soliton control techniques applied over an astronomical transmission distance of 180,000,000 km, and to a terrestrial system with a large amplifier spacing of up to 100 km. We also report the possibility of realizing a sub-tera bit/s soliton transmission system operating over more than 5,000 km in which the soliton self-frequency shift is controlled with the soliton control technique.

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