Soft magnetic properties of FeMO (MHf, Zr, Y, Ce) films with high electrical resistivity

Yasuo Hayakawa, Akihiro Makino

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Structure, magnetic properties and electrical resistivity (g9) of FeM O (M = Hf, Zr, Y, Ce) prepared by r.f. reactive sputtering technique in an Ar + O2 atmosphere were investigated. In an as-deposited state, the structure of the FeMO films in the compositional range of 8 < 0 < 35 at.% and 5-7 < NI < 25 at.% is found to be composed of nanoscale grains and amorphous phase containing large amounts of M and O. In the course of the annealing, which temperature is below the crystalization temperature, the bcc grains slightly grow and the Tc of the amorphous phase rises with increasing O content in the amorphous phase mainly due to discharge of 0 from the bcc to the amorphous phase. μ′100MHz of 1000, Hc of 41A/m, ρ{variant} of 6.4 μ Ω m and μ′100MHz of 700, Hc of 290A/m, ρ{variant} of 6.3μ Ωm were obtained for Fe68Y22,O10 and Fe61Hf13O25 films annealed at 773K and 673K for 10.8ks under uniaxial field, respectively.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1995

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