Single-crystal growth by flux method and Fermi surface of uranium compounds

D. Aoki, P. Wisniewski, K. Miyake, R. Settai, Y. Inada, K. Sugiyama, E. Yamamoto, Y. Haga, Y. Onuki

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We have grown single crystals of UGa3, USb2 and UBi2 by the self-flux method and measured the de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) oscillations. The detected Fermi surfaces were five closed ones in an antiferromagnetic compound UGa3. The cylindrical Fermi surfaces were observed for USb2 and UBi2, which manifests the two-dimensional character on the conduction electrons.

ジャーナルPhysica B: Condensed Matter
出版ステータスPublished - 2000 6 1
イベントYamada Conference LI - The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES '99) - Nagano, Jpn
継続期間: 1999 8 241999 8 28

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