Single crystal growth and anisotropic superconducting property of PuRhGa5

Yoshinori Haga, Dai Aoki, Tatsuma D. Matsuda, Kunihisa Nakajima, Yasuo Arai, Etsuji Yamamoto, Akio Nakamura, Yoshiya Homma, Yoshinobu Shiokawa, Yoshichika Onuki

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We grew a single crystal of the transuranium superconductor PuRhGa 5 with the tetragonal structure by the Ga-flux method, and measured its magnetic susceptibility, magnetization and AC susceptibility. The magnetic susceptibility is found to reveal no distinct anisotropy between H ∥ [100] and [001]. The upper critical field Hc2 for superconductivity is, however, highly anisotropic: Hc2(0) = 270 kOe for H ∥ [100] and 150 kOe for H ∥ [001]. The angular dependence of Hc2 is well fitted by the anisotropic mass model, reflecting a quasi-two-dimensional electronic state. The Maki parameter κ2 and thermodynamical critical field Hc are approximately determined as κ2 ≃ 50 and Hc(0) = 4.7 kOe from the equilibrium magnetization curve.

ジャーナルjournal of the physical society of japan
出版ステータスPublished - 2005 6 1

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