Silicon oxide coatings as protection against corrosion

T. Shikama, Y. Sakai, M. Okada

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Silicon oxide films (SiOx(0≲x≲2)) were deposited onto Inconel 617 alloy for the purpose of corrosion protection in an impure helium environment. The protective behaviour of the deposited films was examined as a function of their chemical composition. The hypostoichiometric SiOx (x < 2) coatings showed poor protective effects. Rather, they enhanced carburization of the Inconel 617 substrate. This is because the interdiffusion of silicon and nickel is faster than the oxidation of SiOx to form protective SiO2. In the helium environment used, the rate of supply of oxygen was quite low. Stoichiometric SiO2 coatings, however, showed good protective qualities. They protected the Inconel 617 substrate from carburization and from selective oxidation at 1170 and 1270 K for 200 h. However, some deterioration in the protective effect is expected for longer exposure to this environment at 1270 K.

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