Sequential growth of iridium cluster anions based on simple cubic packing

Kiichirou Koyasu, Ryohei Tomihara, Toshiaki Nagata, Jenna W.J. Wu, Motoyoshi Nakano, Keijiro Ohshimo, Fuminori Misaizu, Tatsuya Tsukuda

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Geometric structures of free iridium cluster anions, Irn-, were examined by means of ion mobility mass spectrometry and density functional theory calculation for n = 3-15 with the additional help of photoelectron spectroscopy for n = 4-10. It has been revealed that Irn- clusters with n ≥ 5 favor a square facet and take a cubic motif in contrast to the face-centered cubic structures in the corresponding nanoparticles and bulk. A growth sequence of Irn- for n = 5-15 is proposed: single Ir atoms are sequentially attached to one side of the square plane of Ir4- to form a cubic Ir8-, and are then continuously attached on one of the square facets of Ir8- for n = 9-12 and Ir12- for n = 13-15. This journal is

ジャーナルPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 8 28

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