Selective feeding behavior of calves is affected by basal diet

Michiru Fukasawa, Hideharu Tsukada, Takami Kosako

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The present study examined the way the selective feeding behavior of calves was affected by basal diet. Three basal diets containing oat hay and concentrate, with the addition of different levels of roughage content (low, medium and high) were prepared by changing their mix ratios. Orchard grass (OG) and Japanese pampas grass leaf (JP) were used as testing foods. In the preliminary phase, all calves were fed each basal diet three times per day and then food selection between JP and OG was examined. Dry matter intake (DMI) of JP and OG throughout the test was significantly different. Increasing the roughage rate in the basal diet decreased the DMI of JP, whereas the DMI of OG was increased. There was no significant effect of basal diet condition on nutrient intake, whereas the acid detergent fiber and neutral detergent fiber ingestive efficiency were affected by the basal diet condition. It is suggested that calves prefer food that complement the basal diet, even if nutrient requirements are met.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2005 4 1

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