Search for charged excitations of dark matter by KamLAND-Zen experiment

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There are many scenarios in which dark matter is a part of a multiplet with an electrically charged state. If WIMP dark matter is accompanied by a charged state separated by a small mass difference, it can form stable bound states with nuclei. The region of observable energy deposition via this process of bound state formation is O(1∼10 MeV). KamLAND-Zen is a large scintillator detector designed for neutrino-less double-beta decay search. This detector is also useful to detect dark matter bound state formations with nuclei. The result from the KamLAND-Zen 400 dataset is reported.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 3 20
イベント16th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics, TAUP 2019 - Toyama, Japan
継続期間: 2019 9 92019 9 13

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