Screening and characterization of immunobiotic lactic acid bacteria with porcine immunoassay systems

Valeria Garcia-Castillo, Leonardo Albarracin, Haruki Kitazawa, Julio Villena

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Microorganisms with the ability to modulate the immune system (immunobiotics) have shown to interact with different pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) expressed in nonimmune and immune cells and exert beneficial effects on host’s health maintenance and promotion. Suitable assay systems are necessary for an efficient and rapid screening of potential immunobiotic strains. More than a decade of research have allowed us to develop efficient in vitro models based on porcine receptors and cells (porcine immunoassay systems) to study the immunomodulatory effects of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). In addition, detailed studies of model immunobiotic LAB strains with proved abilities to improve immune health in humans (Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505) or pigs (Lactobacillus jensenii TL2937) allowed us to select the most suitable biomarkers that have to be evaluated in those porcine immunoassay systems. Our in vitro models based on transfectant cells expressing porcine PRRs as well as an originally established porcine intestinal epitheliocyte (PIE) cell line have shown to be useful in vitro tools for the selection of immunobiotics and for obtaining information to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind their beneficial effects.

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