Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscope with super high resolution

Yasuo Cho

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Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy (SNDM) with super-high resolution is described. First, experimental results on the ferroelectric domain and visualization of charge stored in flash memories are shown following a description of the theory and principle of SNDM. Next, a higher-order nonlinear dielectric imaging method (HO-SNDM) and non contact SNDM (NC-SNDM) are proposed. Using NC-SNDM, the first achievement of atomic resolution in capacitance measurement is successfully demonstrated. In addition to these techniques, a new three-dimensional (3D)-type of SNDM for measuring the 3D distribution of ferroelectric polarization has been developed. Finally, a very high density ferroelectric data storage system based on SNDM with an actual information density of 1 Tbits/in.2 is demonstrated.

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