Resistivity, Hall effect, and Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in CeNiSn

T. Terashima, C. Terakura, S. Uji, H. Aoki, Y. Echizen, T. Takabatake

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The resistivity and Hall effect in CeNiSn are measured at temperatures down to 35 mK and in magnetic fields up to 20 T with the current applied along the b axis. The resistivity at zero field exhibits a quadratic temperature dependence below ∼0.16 K with a huge coefficient of the T2term (54 μΩ cm/K2). The resistivity as a function of field shows an anomalous maximum and dip, the positions of which vary with field directions. Shubnikov-de Haas (SdH) oscillations with a frequency F of ∼100 T are observed for a wide range of field directions in the ac and bc planes, and the quasiparticle mass is determined to be ∼(10-20) me. The carrier density is estimated to be ∼10-3electron/Ce. In a narrow range of field directions in the ac plane, where the magnetoresistance-dip anomaly manifests itself clearer than in other field directions, a higher-frequency (F=300-400 T) SdH osciliation is found at high fields above the anomaly. This observation is discussed in terms of possible field-induced changes in the electronic structure.

ジャーナルPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 8月 15

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