Report on the seventh U.S.-Japan Joint seminar on nanoscale transport phenomena-science and engineering

B. A. Cola, H. Daiguji, C. Dames, N. Fang, K. Fushinobu, S. Inoue, G. Kikugawa, M. Kohno, S. Kumar, D. Y. Li, J. R. Lukes, J. A. Malen, A. J.H. McGaughey, O. Nakabeppu, K. Pipe, P. Reddy, S. Shen, L. Shi, M. Shibahara, Y. TaguchiK. Takahashi, T. Yamamoto, T. Zolotoukhina

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The seventh U.S.-Japan Joint Seminar on Nanoscale Transport Phenomena was held in Shima, Japan, from December 11 to 14, 2011. The goals of this joint seminar were to provide a critical assessment of the state of the art and future directions in the field of nanoscale transport phenomena and energy conversion processes, to foster U.S.-Japan collaborations, and to provide international exposure to a new generation of scientists in this field. Issues discussed in the joint seminar were organized in 10 topical sessions, including (1) nanoscale thermophysical measurements; (2) optical characterization; (3) thermal and molecular transport; (4) phonon transport modeling; (5) energy storage and conversion; (6) nanoscale fluidics and phase change phenomena; (7) biological and organic systems; (8) interfacial thermal transport; (9) novel thermoelectric and thermal management materials; and (10) nanocarbon materials and devices. In addition to these topical sessions, the joint seminar featured an opening plenary session and a closing plenary session as well as an expert panel, where leading experts provided critical assessment of the past progress and addressed future directions in the field. In addition, an evening poster session provided opportunities for graduate and postdoc students to present their latest research results. About 35 researchers from Japan and 31 researchers from the United States participated in the meeting. The meeting was organized by S. Maruyama, K. Fushinobu, L. Shi, and J. Lukes together with about 20 other participants who served as session chairs. Summaries of different sessions of the seminar were prepared by the session and conference chairs and are collected into this report.

ジャーナルNanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering
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