Recent advances in the total syntheses of indole diterpenoids

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Indole diterpenoids constitute a large family of natural products that are characterized by a hybrid molecular architecture consisting of an indole nucleus and diterpenoid moiety. Their pharmacologically and agriculturally important biological properties as well as intriguing molecular architectures have attracted much attention from many synthetic organic chemists. In 2012, we succeeded in the concise total synthesis of a paspalane-type indole diterpenoid, namely paspalinine, by developing a highly efficient indole ring formation protocol. After the report of this total synthesis, 4 research groups achieved the total syntheses of other paspalane- and nodulisporane-type indole diterpenoids using current state-of-the-art methods. This review summarizes the total syntheses of the paspalane- and nodulisporane-type indole diterpenoids that were described in the last 10 years.

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