REBCO tape performance under high magnetic field

Tara Benkel, Yasuyuki Miyoshi, Xavier Chaud, Arnaud Badel, Pascal Tixador

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New improvements in high temperature superconductors (HTS) make them a promising candidate for building the next generation of high field magnets. As the conductors became recently available in long length, new projects such as NOUGAT (new magnet generation to generate Tesla at low cost) were started. This project aims at designing and building an HTS magnet prototype generating 10 T inside a 20 T resistive magnet. In this configuration, severe mechanical stress is applied on the insert and its extremities are subject to a high transverse component of the field. Because the conductor has anisotropic properties, it has to be studied carefully under similar conditions as the final prototype. First, this paper presents both the NOUGAT project and its context. Then, it shows the experimental results on short HTS tapes studied under high magnetic field up to 23 T with varying orientation. These results allow validating the current margin of the prototype. Finally, a first wound prototype is presented with experimental results up to 200 A under 16 T.

ジャーナルEPJ Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 9月 1

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