Realization of one-chip-two-wavelength light sources

J. S. Song, M. W. Cho, D. C. Oh, H. Makino, T. Hanada, B. P. Zhang, Y. Segawa, H. S. Song, I. S. Cho, J. H. Chang, T. Yao

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We proposed a vertically integrated one-chip-two-wavelength light source which consists of a separate confinement single-quantum-well (SCH-SQW) ZnCdSe/ZnSe/ZnMgBeSe heterostructure for blue-green light emitters grown on SCH-MQW InGaP/InGaAlP for red light-emitting devices. We investigated, firstly, the effect of a thin low-temperature-grown ZnSe buffer layers (LT-ZnSe) in improving ZnSe crystallinity by inserting it between the high-temperature-grown ZnSe epilayer and the GaAs substrate, secondly, the growth optimization of LT-ZnSe on tilted GaAs (001) substrate, and lastly, the molecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of ZnCdSe/ZnSe/ZnMgBeSe quantum well structures on metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) grown III-V red light emitters. Optically pumped lasing is achieved from II-VI and III-V laser structures on one chip at room temperature. The present results clearly show the feasibility of epitaxial integration of II-VI and III-V laser structures.

ジャーナルMaterials Science in Semiconductor Processing
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 10

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