Rapid deposition of photocatalytically enhanced TiO2 film by atmospheric spps using Ar/N2-Vortex Plasma Jet

Dickson Kindole, Ifeanacho Anyadiegwu, Yasutaka Ando, Yoshimasa Noda, Hideya Nishiyama, Satoshi Uehara, Tomoki Nakajima, Oleg P. Solonenko, A. V. Smirnov, A. A. Golovin

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In this study, as cost effective and an environmentally friendly film deposition technology, Atmospheric Solution Precursor Plasma Spray (ASPPS) was utilized for the deposition of the photo-catalytic titanium oxide (TiO2) film for the fabrication process of photovoltaic devices for rural electrification in developing countries. In addition, ethanol-diluted titanium tetra-iso-butoxide (TTIB: Ti(OC4H9)4) was used as a feedstock. N2-dominant Ar/N2 was also utilized as plasma working gas as well as for the elevation of the thermal plasma energy. By controlling deposition distances and temperature, using vortex generation anode nozzle operated at 1 kW, photo-catalytic TiO2 film was deposited and its crystallinity was confirmed by X-ray diffraction. Besides, the photo-catalytic properties of the film were confirmed by the methylene blue decolorization and the surface wettability tests. Surface morphologies of the TiO2 film was evaluated using optical micrographs. Furthermore, the film thickness and strength were measured using micro screw gauge and pencil scratch tester respectively. Lastly, when this Photo-catalytic TiO2 film was applied to photovoltaic devices, the device generated an open circuit voltage of 146.7 mV with solar irradiance intensity of 574 W/m2. From these results it was confirmed that, the ASPPS technology equipped with high cooling efficiency vortex anode nozzle is available for deposition of TiO2 film for the fabrication process of low-cost photovoltaic devices for rural areas in developing countries.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018

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