Rainfall changes and their effects on maize production in Zambia

K. Sakaida

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The regional difference of rainfall change was examined, adopting principal component analysis. Annual rainfall variability in Zambia represents both a considerable communality among neighboring stations and heterogeneity between the northern and the southern parts. Rainfall in the greater part of Zambia diminished in the 1980s, and 1991/92 had the least rainfall during the period of 1910-92. Connections between rainfall and the Southern Oscillation are recognized, and the region where the rainfall-Southern Oscillation connection had been best defined migrated from the northern part to the southern part around the year 1970. The effect of annual rainfall change on maize production is evident in the southern province. In the semi-arid zone with about 700 mm of annual rainfall becomes a basic factor directly affecting maize production. -from Author

ジャーナルScience Reports - Tohoku University, Seventh Series: Geography
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