Quasi self-complementary UWB notched microstrip antenna for USB application

Anwer S. Abd El-Hameed, Deena A. Salem, Esmat A. Abdallah, Essam A. Hashish

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UWB antenna is a crucial part of any UWB system required for indoor application. In this paper, a novel design is presented, which relies on self-complementary structure. The structure is fed by a microstrip line, where a triangular notch is embedded in the ground plane. The design in this paper yields a UWB bandwidth that extends from 2.86.0-40.0 GHz. To ensure coexistence of UWB with WLAN applications (5.15-5.825 GHz) with minimal interference, a frequency notch is introduced using two parasitic U-shaped elements embracing the microstrip feeding line that resonates in the vicinity of the band notch frequency band. The proposed design was subject to parametric study to reach optimum parameters. The final design was fabricated using photolithographic technique and the measured results showed very good agreement with simulated ones.

ジャーナルProgress In Electromagnetics Research B
出版ステータスPublished - 2013

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