Quantitative trait loci affecting Rous Sarcoma Virus induced tumor regression trait in F2 intercross chickens

Y. Uemoto, J. Saburi, S. Sato, S. Odawara, T. Ohtake, R. Yamamoto, T. Miyata, K. Suzuki, H. Yamashita, C. Irina, G. Plastow, T. Mitsuhashi, E. Kobayashi

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We performed a genome-wide linkage and quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis to confirm the existence of QTL affecting Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) induced tumor regression, and to estimate their effects on phenotypic variance in an F2 resource population. The F2 population comprised 158 chickens obtained by crossing tumor regressive White Leghorn (WL) and tumor progressive Rhode Island Red (RIR) lines was measured for tumor formation after RSV inoculation. Forty-three tumor progressive and 28 tumor regressive chickens were then used for genome-wide linkage and QTL analysis using a total of 186 microsatellite markers. Microsatellite markers were mapped on 20 autosomal chromosomes. A significant QTL was detected with marker LEI0258 located within the MHC B region on chromosome 16. This QTL had the highest F ratio (9.8) and accounted for 20.1% of the phenotypic variation. Suggestive QTL were also detected on chromosomes 4, 7 and 10. The QTL on chromosome 4 were detected at the 1% chromosome-wide level explaining 17.5% of the phenotypic variation, and the QTLs on chromosome 7 and 10 were detected at the 5% chromosome-wide level and explained 11.1% and 10.5% of the phenotypic variation, respectively. These results indicate that the QTLs. in the non-MHC regions play a significant role in RSV-induced tumor regression. The present study constitutes one of the first preliminary reports in domestic chickens for QTLs affecting RSV-induced tumor regression outside the MHC region.

ジャーナルAsian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
出版ステータスPublished - 2009 10月

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