Properties of sputter-deposited Fe-Pd thin films

Z. Wang, T. Iijima, G. He, T. Takahashi, K. Oikawa, Y. Furuya

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Fe-Pd thin films were deposited on SiO2/Si substrates by RF magnetron sputtering. The compositions were determined by the chemical analysis to be ranged in Pd-content about 30.0 at%. The thin films were solution-treated at 1173 K for 180s in vacuum and subsequently cooled by Ar gas flow. In the Fe-32.62 at%Pd specimens, the as-deposited thin film possesses ultra-fine grains resulting in a long-range disorder structure. After the heat treatment, (γFe, Pd) with an fcc structure is recrystallized and the crystallized thin film shows the texture orientation with (111) and (100) planes parallel to the film surface. In the Fe-29.97 at%Pd specimens, the as-deposited thin film exhibits a bcc structure due to less Pd content. After the heat treatment, (γFe, Pd) fcc structure is formed at higher Pd content. Magnetic properties of the thin films are affected by the composition, crystal structure and grain size. In as-deposited thin films, two-stage I-H hysteresis loops are observed on account of the fine grains. After the heat treatment the rectangularity of the hysteresis loops is improved especially in the oriented Fe-32.62 at%Pd thin film and Curie temperature increases with the increase of Pd-content. Magnetostriction of 3.6×10-5 at an applied magnetic field H = 8.0 kA/m (= 0.1 kOe) is observed in the solution-treated Fe-32.62 at%Pd thin film.

ジャーナルProceedings of SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 1 1

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