Properties of bulk glassy alloys as a tribo-materials

Nobuyuki Nishiyama, Mamoru Ishida, Nozomu Togashi, Akihisa Inoue

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In order to clarify the outstanding wear resistivity of metallic glasses, two kinds of wear tests under sliding and rolling conditions were carried out. Under the rolling condition, MG exhibits much superior wear resistivity than tool steel, while MG exhibits much lower wear resistivity than tool steel under sliding condition. Under both conditions, wear mechanism of MG is dominated by adhesive wear due to plastic flow. Relaxation of applied load due to plastic flow encourages wear resistance of MG. It is concluded that MGs are expected to be new Tribo-materials by understanding their unique deformation and wear behavior which is quite different from those of conventional crystalline alloys.

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    Nishiyama, N., Ishida, M., Togashi, N., & Inoue, A. (2008). Properties of bulk glassy alloys as a tribo-materials. Reviews on Advanced Materials Science, 18(1), 89-92.