Progress in the management of primary aldosteronism

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Primary aldosteronism (PA) is now considered as one of leading causes of secondary hypertension, accounting for 5-10% of all hypertensive patients and more strikingly 20% of those with resistant hypertension. Importantly, those with the unilateral disease could be surgically cured when diagnosed appropriately. On the other hand, only a very limited portion of those suspected to have PA has been screened, diagnosed, or treated to date. With current advancement in medical technologies and genetic research, expanding knowledge of PA has been accumulated and recent achievements have also been documented in the care of those with PA. This review is aimed to have focused description on updated topics of the following; importance of PA screening both in the general and specialized settings and careful interpretation of screening data, recent achievements in hormone assays and sampling methods and their clinical relevance, and expanding knowledge on PA genetics. Improvement in workup processes and novel treatment options, as well as better understanding of the PA pathogenesis based on genetic research, might be expected to result in increased cure and better care of the patients.

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