Production of large-diameter uniform plasmas and control of electron temperature

Satoru Iizuka, Noriyoshi Sato

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In order to produce large-diameter uniform plasmas, we have proposed two plasma sources: a plane electron-cyclotron-resonance (ECR) slotted antenna (PESA) source for ECR plasma production and a modified magnetron-type (MMT) radio frequency (RF) source for RF plasma production. The PESA has magnet rings behind the slotted antenna to provide the magnetic field for the ECR. The MMT RF source provides high-density uniform plasmas with the help of the LC resonance of auxiliary electrode placed parallel to the substrate. Both plasma sources produce large-diameter uniform plasmas exceeding 30 cm in diameter. We have proposed a grid method for electron temperature control. By applying a negative dc voltage to the grid which separates a plasma-processing region from a plasma production region, the electron temperature is decreased by one order of magnitude in the processing region. The same effect is obtained by changing the mesh size of a floating grid. The change of a slit between two grids also causes variation of the electron temperature. These techniques are quite effective for chemical reaction control in processing plasmas.

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