Primary structure of non-histone protein HMG1 revealed by the nucleotide sequence

K. Tsuda, M. Kikuchi, K. Mori, S. Waga, M. Yoshida

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The isolation and sequencing of a cDNA clone coding for the entire sequence of pig thymus non-histone protein HMG1 are described. The sequence analysis reveals a complete 2192-nucleotide sequence with a 5'-terminal untranslated region of 11 nucleotides, 642 nucleotides of an open reading frame that encoded 214 amino acids, and a 3'-terminal untranslated region of 1539 nucleotides. The HMG1 protein, deduced from the nucleotide sequence, has a molecular weight of 24,785 and a C-terminal of a continuous run of 30 acidic amino acids, encoded by a simple repeating sequence of (GAN)30. The predicted amino acid sequence is homologous to HMG1, HMG2, and HMG-T sequences from several sources, suggesting that the protein conformation is under evolutionary constraints. Northern blot analysis reveals that another hybridizable RNA species of smaller size is present. Southern blot analyses suggest that pig genome contains several HMG1 gene equivalents.

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