Preparation of SiB4±x and SiB6 plates by chemical vapour deposition of SiCl4 + B2H6 system

Masakazu Mukaida, Takashi Goto, Toshio Hirai

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SiB4±x and SiB6 plates were prepared by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) using SiCl4, B2H6 and H2 gases under the conditions of deposition temperatures (Tdep) from 1323–1773 K, total gas pressures (Ptot) from 4–40 kPa and B/Si source gas ratio (mB/Si=2B2H6/SiCl4) from 0.2–2.8. The effects of CVD conditions on the morphology, structure and composition of the deposits were examined. High-purity and high-density SiB4±x and SiB6 plates about 1 mm thick were obtained at the deposition rates of 71 and 47 nm s−1, respectively. The lattice parameter, composition and density of CVD SiB4±x plates were dependent on their non-stoichiometry. The lattice parameter, a, was 0.6325 nm, but c ranged from 1.262–1.271 nm.The B/Si atomic ratio ranged from 3.1–5.0, and the density ranged from 2.39–2.45×103 kg m−3. The CVD SiB6 plates showed constant values of lattice parameters (a=1.444 nm, b=1.828 nm, c=0.9915 nm), composition (B/Si=6.0) and density (2.42×103 kg m−3), independent of CVD conditions.

ジャーナルJournal of Materials Science
出版ステータスPublished - 1992 1月

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