Preparation of bulk glassy mg65y10cu15ag5pd5 alloy of 12 mm in diameter by water quenching

K. Amiya, A. Inoue

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Cylindrical glassy alloys with diameters up to 12 mm were prepared for a Mg65Y10Cu15Ag5Pd5 with a high reduced glass transition temperature (Tg/Tm) of 0.62 by water quenching the molten alloy in the iron tube. Neither cavities nor voids are seen over the whole inner region and no contrast revealing a crystalline phase is seen over the transverse cross section. The glass transition temperature (Tg), crystallization temperature (Tx), the temperature interval of the supercooled liquid region (ΔTx = Tx - Tg) and the melting temperature (Tm) are measured to be 436, 468, 32 and 706 K, respectively, for the Mg65Y10Cu15Ag5Pd5 alloy with a diameter of 12 mm. The simultaneous addition of Ag and Pd to Mg-Y-Cu system causes an increase in the Tg/Tm, leading to an increase in the glass forming ability. It is thus concluded that the application of the water quenching process with the iron tube to the Mg-based glassy alloys is useful for the formation of the bulk glassy alloys.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2001

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