Preparation of an "information booklet for returnees"-Building trust through collaboration with local communities

Y. Kuroda, Y. Koyama, H. Yoshida, W. Naito

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This paper describes an exercise in helping scientific experts find common ground with local residents following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident. The first section discusses the effects of the accident in Iitate Village, which was fully evacuated after the accident, and the village's sociocultural background, and presents a case study of a collaboration between experts and villagers in preparing an information booklet for the villagers. The second section discusses the potential for collaborations of experts in different disciplines to connect science and people, clarifies what experts learned from such a collaboration, and explains that cross-disciplinary collaboration is essential to avoiding confusion among residents. Concerns and questions from local residents were specific to their situation; residents needed specific information and advice on specific situations at specific times. The residents considered those concerns important and needed answers that would allow them to regain control over their lives. An information booklet was prepared to help local experts to build trust with the residents by providing them with the information they sought. The experts considered the process of developing the booklet to be a good example of collaboration with residents. Understanding the social values of residents, sharing those values, and making a commitment to the community were significant steps in building trust.

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