Preparation and optical properties of higher manganese silicide, (Mn,Fe)Si γ , thin films

Kei Hayashi, Kentaro Ishii, Chihiro Kawasaki, Ryosuke Honda, Yuzuru Miyazaki

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In this article, the optical properties of thin films of higher manganese silicide (HMS) systems, MnSi γ and (Mn,Fe)Si γ , were investigated. Band structure calculations were performed using the Mn 11 Si 19 and (Mn 31/44 Fe 13/44 ) 11 Si 19 crystal structure models of HMS to predict the conduction types and band gaps of MnSi γ and Mn 0.7 Fe 0.3 Si γ , respectively. Using a pulsed laser deposition method, p-type MnSi γ and n-type Mn 0.7 Fe 0.3 Si γ thin films with a-axis orientation were grown on R-sapphire substrates. The measured direct band gaps were 0.81(1) eV for the MnSi γ thin film and 0.83(2) eV for the Mn 0.7 Fe 0.3 Si γ thin film. These results demonstrate the potential of (Mn,Fe)Si γ -based near-infrared absorption solar cells.

ジャーナルApplied Surface Science
出版ステータスPublished - 2018 11 15

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