Prediction of enteric methane emission from beef cattle in Southeast Asia

Tomoyuki Suzuki, Kritapon Sommart, Wanna Angthong, Thu Van Nguyen, Anan Chaokaur, Peerapot Nitipot, Arun Phromloungsri, Yimin Cai, Takashi Sakai, Takehiro Nishida, Fuminori Terada, Tomoyuki Kawashima

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    We conducted a meta-data analysis to develop prediction equations to estimate enteric methane (CH4) emission from beef cattle in Southeast Asia. The dataset was obtained from 25 studies, which included 332 individual observations on nutrient intakes, digestibilities, and CH4 emissions. Cattle were provided tropical forage or rice straw, with or without concentrates in individual pens equipped with indirect open-circuit head hood apparatus. The simplest and best equation to predict daily CH4 emission was CH4 (g/day) = 22.71 (±1.008) × dry matter intake (DMI, kg/day) + 8.91 (±10.896) [R2 = 0.77; root mean square error (RMSE) = 19.363 g/day]. The best equation to predict CH4 energy as a proportion of gross energy intake (CH4-E/GEI, J/100 J) was obtained using DMI per body weight (DMIBW, kg/100 kg), content (g/100 g DM) of ether extract (EE) and crude protein (CP), and DM digestibility (DMD, g/100 g); CH4-E/GEI = −0.782 (±0.2526) DMIBW − 0.436 (±0.0548) EE − 0.073 (±0.0218) CP + 0.049 (±0.0097) DMD + 8.654 (±0.6517) (R2 = 0.39; RMSE = 1.3479 J/100 J GEI). It was indicated that CH4 emissions from beef cattle in Southeast Asia are predictable using present developed models including simple indices.

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