Postganglionic Sympathetic Nerve Activity with Correlation to Heart Rhythm During Left Ventricular Assistance

Tomoyuki Yambe, Shin–ichi Nitta, Yoshiaki Katahira, Taroh Sonobe, Shigeru Naganuma, Hiroshi Akiho, Shigeki Chiba, Yoshito Kakinuma, Hiroyuki Hayashi, Motonao Tanaka, Makoto Miura, Naoshi Satoh, Hitoshi Mohri, Makoto Yoshizawa, Hiroshi Takeda

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Abstract: In order to evaluate the effect of ventricular assist device (VAD) driving on the autonomic nervous system, sympathetic neurograms during left ventricular (LV) assistance were analyzed by power spectrum and coherence function. Our TH–7B pneumatically–driven sac–type VAD was used in seven adult mongrel dogs. VADs were inserted between the left atrium and the descending aorta. Renal sympathetic nerve activity (RSN A) was detected by use of bipolar electrodes attached to the left renal sympathetic nerve via a retroperitoneal approach. Values of squared coherence between the arterial, pulse wave and RSNA were measured at the same frequency of cardiac and VAD pumping rhythms. During LV assistance, coherence at the cardiac rhythm frequency was decreased, and coherence at the VAD pumping rhythm frequency was increased. These results indicate that the arterial pulse wave, which was produced by the VAD assistance, contributed to postganglionic sympathetic nerve activity.

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